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Simple Leg of Lamb!

I'd like to show you how easy it really is to have a great leg of lamb!

First off - get a nice leg of lamb and the perfect spices for your taste buds! If you need a bit of info on spices just check out my earlier blog 3 Fabulous Spice Mixes to Make Lamb Easy!

Since life around here is pretty fast paced I chose a premixed spice, but you can mix your own from fresh or dry spices!

Next, just rub those spices all over the meat, pop it in the fridge - uncovered to breathe and soak up flavor! It can sit there an hour or a day - you choose! No, it does not get slimy!!

Ready to cook - you can choose between the oven or the crockpot!

If you opt for the oven - preheat to 450 degrees & roast for only 15 minutes to sear the meat! Then - drop the temp to 325 degrees. Medium-Rare - 135-145 degree internal temp. Medium - 160 degree internal temp. Well - 170 degree internal temp.

I chose the crockpot! Just pop it in there and cook on low for 6-8 hours!

This is what mine looked like after removing it from the crockpot! It fell apart just trying to pick it up!!

Give it a try! Click here to let me know how it worked for you!!

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