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The Shoulder Cut/Lamb Ragu Recipe

Let’s look at Lamb shoulder cuts! They are very versatile cuts ideal for braising and stewing!

So, what exactly is BRAISING? It is a cooking method used for meat and vegetables in which the item is browned in fat, tightly covered, and cooked slowly in a small amount of liquid.

A long cooking period at low heat helps to develop flavor and tenderize meat by breaking down it’s fibers.

Braising can be done on the stovetop, in the oven, or in a slow-cooker. A tight-fitting lid is key to preventing the liquid from evaporation.

Ok back to the shoulder cut!

You can have a simple square cut roast or get more creative with a boneless shoulder roast which you can stuff, roll, & tie.

Best cooked low and slow, the whole shoulder makes a great pot roast, slow cooker roast or extremely flavorful oven roast.

Shoulder chops require a shorter amount of cooking time than other cuts, allowing for a quick, easy and affordable meal.

The shoulder is well suited for slow roasting tenderness every time.

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