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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you describe the Lamb as “natural” instead of “organic?”
Our definition of “natural” comes from the U.S. Food Safety Inspection Service. It means our lamb contains no growth hormones, artificial color or flavoring; no chemical preservatives, other synthetic ingredients. 

To qualify as “organic” by federal standards, we would have to feed our lamb ingredients that have never been treated with pesticides or herbicides. Using strictly organic feed is extremely expensive, and would require us to raise prices about 50%. We believe our natural methods are more than sufficient to provide high quality lamb at a
price our customers can afford.

Do you ship your lamb frozen? How should I take care of it once it arrives?
Lamb is quickly cut and flash-frozen by our packers. Quick freezing helps lock in the peak flavor. If you’re not planning to eat your lamb right away, we recommend that you put it in your freezer as soon as possible. 

What if my order arrives partially thawed? Is it still good?
As long as the lamb is cool to the touch, everything should be fine.  You can freeze or refrigerate your lamb until you’re ready to eat it. If it’s warm to the touch, however, contact us right away.

  • How do you ship the lamb?
    For perishable items, we use UPS Air, UPS Next Day Air or UPS Ground. For non-perishable merchandise we use UPS Ground.
    Please note that we ship only within the continental United States.  

    What are the shipping costs?
    We ship through UPS, which bases costs on the size and weight of the package. Shipping charges to all other states in the continental U.S will be calculated based on your order.

    We do not ship internationally or to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico.     

    How will you pack my order?
    All meat is shipped frozen, in vacuum-sealed packages. We hand-pack Styrofoam coolers with frozen gel packs. We may also add dry ice if extreme heat is expected. We then place the Styrofoam cooler inside a strong corrugated box.

    On what days will you deliver?
    We ship orders on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week.  You can take delivery Tuesday through Friday. That schedule may change around major holidays; be sure to check with us when you order.  

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