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2018 Cozy Country Farm

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Our goal is to give you the same quality of meat that we require for our table!

Because we know that you want healthy food for your family we use no antibiotics, hormones, or artificial ingredients !

Our lamb and poultry are raised humanely with room to roam the way nature intended.

Our frozen meat is minimally processed with no fillers or preservatives!  It is frozen quickly after packaging to hold in all that great freshness!

Drop in at the Farm Store so we can get to know you!

We also attend Farmers Markets in Allegheny County at the Downtown Mall site and

the Fredrick Field Fresh market at The Great Fredrick Fairground.

Contact us now to put healthy meat on your table!  We'd love to talk to you!


Friday  4 pm - 6 pm

Saturday  12 pm - 2 pm

or by appointment after hours