Rump Roast

Rump Roast

$5.50 per 1 Pound

The beef rolled rump roast comes from the hindquarters of the cow. This part of the cow gets a lot of exercise, so there is a lot of collagen and connective tissue.  It requires some time and work to get it tender, but the result is a flavorful and juicy roast that the whole family will love.


This roast is around 2 pounds so it is big enough for the whole famile!

Dry roasting in low temperature is one of the best options for preparing a rump roast. It will melt the collagen and connective tissue, leaving the rump tender and juicy.   Remember to keep the heat low and cook it slowly to prevent the meat from overcooking and getting too tough.

The Rump Roast is best served thinly sliced.  

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