Pre-Order Box of Ground & Sausage - 15 lb


Grab this box so you have a supply on hand when unexpected company shows up!   Also you get a savings of $11 on this box!  You will have 7 pounds of burger, 4 lb of Hot Italian Sausage, and 4 lb of Sweet Italian Sausage.  This should cover your needs for many dishes that can be prepared quickly.  The sausage has all the seasonings needed so you don't have to worry about not having them!  Great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!




    • Simply prepare ground lamb sausage as you would other ground meats: into patties, kefta/kebobs, meatballs, casseroles, etc.
    • Ground lamb sausage is smooth yet bold so it holds up  wonderful.  
    • Spices have already been added for your convience.
    • Like other ground meats, ground lamb is easy to grill, saute, bake or broil.
  • Care & Handling

    Lamb is quickly cut and flash-frozen by our packers. Quick freezing helps lock in the peak flavor. If you’re not planning to eat your lamb right away, we recommend that you put it in your freezer as soon as possible. 

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