Rack Chops Petite ~ .40 oz


A cut that comes from the tender rib section, lamb rib chops are a popular option for an exceptional cut of meat. Lamb rib chops are thick, juicy, and cook similar to a steak. Rich in flavor, this chop has a distinctive marbling that you can cut for a slice of leaner meat. 

The cut is flexible, and you can cook it in several ways. One of our favorite techniques is to coat it in garlic, herbs, and rosemary and grill it outside. You can swap out other herbs and sides for different variations of flavor with the same meat base.

The meat comes in 2 per pack.  It is best-suited when prepped with a long, slow marinade for the most vibrant flavor. 

We recommend this product if you are looking to expand your options for meat. It comes from pasture-raised lamb and with the guarantee of no steroids or hormones. You will not find animal by-products in Cozy Country Farm products. 

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