Leg of Lamb: Boneless~ 5 lb

Leg of Lamb: Boneless~ 5 lb


The leg of lamb comes from the back haunch of the animal. You can prepare it in several ways for a mouthwatering, meaty delight. From a delicious roast to slow-smoked or braised, the leg of lamb is an exceptional cut to enjoy. It is remarkably simple to cook despite being of a large size. Lamb offers very tender cuts of meat, promising a juicy option that is easy to prepare.  

The most popular way to prepare and enjoy this cut is through a slow roast. The roasted lamb was a staple of the English colonial diet in the eighteenth century. Join a legacy of enjoyment with a meat and cooking style that has lasted centuries.  

Purchasing your meat products from Cozy Country Farm brings the guarantee that it will be steroid- and hormone-free. There are no animal by-products. This meat is a generous cut that averages three to four pounds.

  • Care & Handling

    Lamb is quickly cut and flash-frozen by our packers. Quick freezing helps lock in the peak flavor. If you’re not planning to eat your lamb right away, we recommend that you put it in your freezer as soon as possible. 

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